Yes, I have been on hiatus, and yes I have been AWOL…

I realized back last December that I needed to disappear for a while to find myself some new friends and new hobbies… And did I ever! I even traveled more than I have in the past 6 years in such a short time span.

What have I been up to? I’ve seen quite a few concerts and large venue shows such as Whoopi Goldberg, Gladys Knight, and Roxette this past August at the Molson Amphitheatre. Seeing Roxette live had been a childhood dream, and was it ever worth the trip. One of the best shows I’ve seen since Duran Duran last year. And this coming November, I’m going to see Annie Lennox. Finally taking care of that bucket list of concerts. 2012 is the time!!

I also finally quit MMO gaming. I don’t know how or what it was, but right before White Christmas last year, I just quit cold turkey. A huge disagreement had erupted within my guild and it drew me away, and soon enough I just kept losing more and more interest. Also, the regular folks who had become friends like family had quit playing too. I soon noticed, I was spending time playing WoW more for the friendships I had made than the game itself, and when they all left, it was just natural for me to go too. And since I have made a bunch of new closer real life friends, I have not felt the need to go back. I tried a few other MMOs since like Star Wars and Secret World, but neither of them kept my interest longer than a month. That is not to say I have quit gaming entirely… It actually has led me to the announcement I am about to make.

Back in May, I had discovered this game called “Mass Effect 3″, or ME3 as the fans like to call it. It piqued my interest cause it dealst with one of my favorite subjects – the end of the world. I guess that isn’t the best thing to call a favorite subject, but the end of the world has always fascinated me, and I like to try and learn, research, etc… how it could happen .So, I saw the game trailer, and I thought that this would be a game I can relate to. I especially was interested because the lead player could be female OR male. Most of these types of shooter/RPG games usually reserve the lead for a male. Therefore, I hopped along to Best Buy on the March 6th release date, and figured this was going to be my gaming experiment. Until then, the only other RPG games I had played are Silent Hill and Skyrim. I enjoyed those 2 games, but once I played it, I had no interest to play it again.

It took me a few days to learn the ropes, but once I did, I was lost. I had finally found a game that is NOT an MMO that I enjoyed playing for hours on end. And not only that, I actually had looked forward to replaying it several times. Yes, I fell into that foray of depression on how the game ended. However, that only prompted me to play the first 2 games – Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2. Once I realized how much more fun they were, I was even more further gone. Unitl now, I have replayed ME1 and ME2 at least 4 times, and I can see myself doing it again a fifth time in the future. When I started getting a bit tired of the game, another friend suggested I should try Dragon Age if I enjoy Mass Effect this much. It is the same style of game, from the same company, but it takes place in a medieval period.

So, I tried Dragon Age in May, and since then I’ve been hooked. Even until now, I am still playing. Since I had done some traveling, and fringing in the summer, I have taken more sabbaticals from gaming, therefore there is still more to be seen that I have not. The aspect of these games that I have not encountered before is the “Love Interest” part.  Skyrim had this, but compared to BioWare’s (development company of Dragon Age and Mass Effect) method, it is very basic. This romance option that the games offer can make one’s engagement of the game so much deeper, and to the point where it has spurred fan fiction, fan art and fandoms online. The biggest fandoms I’ve seen so far are on DeviantArt and Tumblr.

For those who do not know what Tumblr is, let me give you a brief summary. It is a system that can be compared to a blog and Twitter, but the platform combines them together. So you can reblog (re -retweet) someone else’s post. That, or you can post your own (Tweet). Anything from text, pictures, audio, quotes, links, etc…. Having seen a lot of fandom art on DeviantArt, I decided to join myself and get back into graphic design again. I used to design for a living, but after having started my current job it soon got forgotten. However, with new inspiration, I joined and have so far made 2 pictures of my fave Dragon Age character and I am hoping to make some fancier pieces in the next few weeks.

With that being said, please click on my picture below to visit Artsy Techy Daily, my revamped tumblr blog. Those who have stuck with me may recall I used to blog about theatre there too. I still do blog about my theatre ventures, but now I also blog about other subjects that interest me such as games, politics, music, etc. Check it out, I promise you may even learn things about me you didn’t know before.


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